About us:

For the Love of Basketball”


The Palos Verdes Basketball Association is the largest, oldest and proudest youth basketball league born right here “on the Hill” celebrating its 31st year of bringing real life youth basketball, just like it’s played in High School and the Pro’s, to our Palos Verdes community.


Since 1988 more than 3 generations of children, coaches, mentors, families and fans have passed through PVBA’s basketball courts of hallowed hallways.


The PVBA’s mission: “To instill and understanding and a love of the game”.

It is the PVBA’s mission that each player will acquire a knowledge of basketball regardless of their level of future participation, so that they may understand, engage and hopefully love the game of basketball where ever and whenever their life and basketball connects.


The PVBA’s core values are to provide an open, inclusive, interactive real-life basketball experience for all children, regardless of their skill set and experience in the game to connect them with the great game of basketball and our community, for the rest of their lives.


Since 1988, the PVBA has served as the central place for kids of all skill levels and their families to come out, feel like a pro, learn to play and get better at playing a real-life game of basketball, rockin’ colorful uniforms, real and full High School professional basketball courts, team spirit and all!


Everyone Plays! Our recreational community-based youth basketball league is year-round with programs for all children including the PVBA youth “Challenger” Division for children with special needs.


Stay close to home, always. The PVBA league is centralized to and for the Palos Verdes community. Local, convenient, developed by our community for our community with year-round opportunities to play in Summer and Winter Leagues and even holiday, Spring and Winter break Camps to enjoy.

A PVBA Exclusive! Unique to the PVBA, the League offers a “
Legacy” program for High School students to return to the PVBA, as a Student Mentor and Coach of their own youth PVBA team.  Staying connected is a PVBA legacy and now in its 8th year.


Legacy Matters:  The PVBA recognizes the value of our players who come back to coach and/or participate. These returning participates have a unique and personal insight, knowledge, direct experience and bond to pass along to new incoming generations of youth players. PVBA offers returning past players, returning parents and grandparents priority for open positions as a Coach and Student Coach whenever possible.


PVBA Alumni Opportunities:  8th Graders enter High school leave the PVBA with a familiar basketball skill set having already performed in a real team League model on the High School basketball courts as a PVBA player.


Real Life Youth Basketball Experience.  Get ready for High School!  The PVBA provides a fun, engaging and importantly a real-life basketball experience to take with them no matter where they go. PVBA youth basketball is modelled the same as High School basketball and the Pro’s.


To all the generations of past, present and future PVBA ballers and coaches….

thanks for the memories.


Attention: Winter and Summer 2018 / 2019 League participants, PVBA ballers and coaches now you can check out the professionally captured images from these current seasons by our professional photographers. Go to:   "www.pvba.smumug.com.”


PVBA -  “The Love of Basketball”